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Join me for this exclusive NEW exciting training event so you can discover...

“ How To End Procrastination, Banish Bad Behaviors & Blow Away Mental Blocks So You Can Finally Live A Vibrant Life On Your Own Terms! ”

Igor Ledochowski

Dear Friend,

My EXCITING NEW 5-Step Self Hypnosis Formula lets you LASER-FOCUS your attention… and enlist your unconscious mind to design the life YOU want… 

In Just 5-Minutes a DAY!

It’s the speed, depth, and ease at which this self hypnosis system works…

That makes you feel like an “augmented” version of yourself once you get your hands on it and start using it, because…

You will feel more vibrant and full of life

You will feel awake, alert, and engaged

You will have more focus and determination

You will complete tasks easily without getting distracted

You will experience more control over your thoughts, emotions and behaviors

Simply put, you will gain more power over your life so it moves in the direction YOU want to go!

And even though you’ll start seeing FAST results from using this self hypnosis system in as little as 5 minutes per day, I’m pretty sure…

You’ll Find It So Rewarding and Easy You’ll Want To Use It All The Time

Because you’ll see the benefits ripple through every area of your life.

Whether your goal is to kick a bad habit, fall asleep faster, get into the best shape of your life, land a new job…

Or use these simple and fast-working techniques to upgrade your memory… relax your mind… supercharge your willpower…  elevate your confidence… 

The possibilities are truly endless.

It really is THAT powerful.

Moreover, this new form of self hypnosis is so easy to use, that you won’t have to re-adjust your life to make it work for you.

You won’t need to carve out blocks of time in your busy schedule or move your whole day around to see results.

And you don’t need any previous experience with hypnosis, either.

Once you’re shown how to use this advanced form of self hypnosis – it will come so naturally to you that you’ll be able to use it…

Lying in bed.

Sitting at your desk.

Waiting at a bus stop.

Commuting on a train.

Relaxing for a few minutes on a park bench.

Doesn’t matter… 

As long as you have a few moments to yourself, you can use the self-hypnosis system ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. 

Which means you’ll start to move through reality as a new “elevated” version of yourself. 

Now, how am I so sure this system will give you the easiest and fastest results you’ve ever experienced with self hypnosis?

For starters, this advanced system is designed to LASER FOCUS your awareness so you can use it to automatically PROPEL you towards your desired outcomes!

Because once you start using the 5-step self hypnosis method, you’ll feel as though you’ve switched out a blurry set of glasses for pristine new lenses, and once you put them on… your vision suddenly… 

SNAPS Into Razor-Sharp Focus!

So you feel, think and behave in ways that instantly ALIGN you with your life’s dreams, goals and aspirations.

And in just a moment I’ll tell you how to save your spot for the live training where you’ll discover this new 5-step method (and much more).

But first, consider this:

Attention is your most valuable resource. 

Matter of fact, getting anything you want in life comes down to sustained attention focused in the RIGHT direction. 

Yet many people find themselves distracted. 

Or your attention gets scattered all over the place.

You might even find yourself focusing your attention in the WRONG places - draining it into destructive habits, negative thoughts and limiting ideas that lead you NOWHERE!

What’s worse, you can spend years struggling to reach your goals even though you know – DEEP DOWN – you’re capable of achieving them...

Truth is… 

Too Many People Give Their Attention Away Or Let It Get “Hijacked”

It’s no secret that corporations around the world spend BILLIONS figuring out how to capture your attention.

And they’ve gotten really good at it. Too good.

But let’s face it, they don’t care if you fail to reach your goals or if you don’t live up to your full potential.

Because they know, that whoever controls your attention, controls you.

Which means unless YOU reclaim your attention and direct it where YOU want it to go… 

It WILL get taken from you. 

And when that happens, accomplishing what you want in life turns into an uphill battle.

So why am I telling you all this?

Quite simply, because I’ve designed a RAPID new self hypnosis system that gives you the exact method you can use to…

Reclaim And “Recalibrate” Your Attention So You Automatically Attract Your Life Dreams And Aspirations To YOU

Turning you into… the most vibrant… balanced…confident… motivated AND charismatic version of yourself.

All without apparent effort on your part.

Because once you find out how to TRAIN your attention network and reprogram your mind so you start to FIND new opportunities… and even CREATE them…

You will notice possibilities where before you only saw roadblocks!

You will decide what you want, and then MAKE it happen with ZERO interference!

You will go from attention to ACTION in a smooth and seamless way!

You will set a goal – and find the optimal path towards it!

You will take any situation—and make it work for you!

In fact, people always ask me how I manage to stay focused for hours on end, constantly producing new training programs and never getting tired of it.

That’s because for years, I’ve been using this exact self-hypnosis system. 

And for the first time, I’ve condensed it into a simple, easy-to-use 5-step process which you’ll find out (and much more) when you attend…

The Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Live Online Training

Here’s What Else You Can Expect From This Three-Day Advanced Self Hypnosis Live Training Event:

Okay, as you have probably gathered from the training overview and descriptions - my NEW Ultimate Self Hypnosis System live online training program is now perhaps...

The Most Advanced Personal Transformation Training You Can Immerse Yourself In Over 3 Days To Experience A “Total Mind Upgrade”

I personally cannot think of any other self-development or personal transformation program that "expands your consciousness" so your life goals and aspirations end up coming to YOU by default of the "new, bigger you" you've BECOME.

In fact, the Ultimate Self Hypnosis System live training program is so effective and rapid at "quantum leaping" your consciousness -- there are certain people who will NOT be allowed to attend the live online training event.

More specifically...

You Will NOT Be Allowed To Attend If...

You will NOT be able to attend if you are seeing a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist (or taking medication) for any psychological condition you may have -- (the reason is during the Ultimate Self Hypnosis System live online training program attendees will be brought face-to-face with some psychological stuff they have "locked up in their basement"). You should NOT attend if you are mentally fragile.

You will NOT be able to attend if you refuse to sign an online agreement (on the morning of the first day of the training) to acknowledge your acceptance of #1 above - thus taking full responsibility for your suitability to participate in the training and exercises.

I mention the above not to scare anybody off.

I’m guessing 95% of people reading this will be mentally well-adjusted enough to comfortably deal with the techniques that will be used at the live online training event to realign your inner neurology and “expand your consciousness”.

So assuming you have not been disqualified by any of the 2 conditions stated above -- you can now register for the NEW Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Live Online Training.

Even though the self-hypnosis principles and techniques you’ll be learning (and “internalizing”) are incredibly powerful and almost unbelievably effective, they will be taught and demonstrated in such a way they will be simple for you to use.

Whether you’re a hypnotist, salesperson, coach, teacher, consultant, parent, student, partner… 

Doesn’t matter.

You can walk into this training with ZERO experience with self-hypnosis or meditation…  

And walk out with the skills and knowledge to enhance ANY area of your life, relationships, or business… 

To the point where others start to notice the “QUANTUM LEAP” you’ve made in your own life and begin to wonder how you’ve increased your self-control, confidence, focus, and gained an almost… 

Super-Human Ability To Go After What YOU Want In Life… And MAKE It Happen!

Now you're probably wondering what the training fee is for this exciting program…

Normally a 6-day live program retail training fee is $3995.

So I figure a 3-day live program is fair value at $1995 (and even with a 50% Early Bird Discount it would be $997… and truly excellent value).

However, you can go ahead and reserve your spot for the EXCITING NEW Ultimate Self Hypnosis System with me, Igor Ledochowski, today for just $1995 $95 x 5 (That’s a 77% OFF Discount!)

Plus I want as many deserving people to get their hands on this training as possible since I truly believe anyone who wants to improve themselves and their life should have the skills and opportunity to do so…  

Besides, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Because I’m putting all the risk on my shoulders and giving you a….


You can participate in this Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Live Online Training with me, Igor Ledochowski.

And if you don't believe this is the most cutting-edge instruction on self-hypnosis... then... you have nothing to risk.

Because if after the first day of the training you are not completely satisfied, then you can request a full refund and get every penny you paid back. No questions asked. No problems.

If it's not for you, just let me know. No hard feelings.

    So if you’re ready to make a QUANTUM leap forward in your life… then save your spot for this exciting live training event.

Please Note: Spots Are LIMITED and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Go ahead and secure your spot below:

Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System Live Online Training With Igor Ledochowski

LIVE and Online From The Comfort Of Your Home!

November 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2023

(Registration kicks off at 8:00 AM EST on November 3rd)


Enroll me in the Ultimate Self Hypnosis System live training with Igor Ledochowski, I am ready and eager to experience 3 exciting days with Igor & my fellow attendees.

The package I am getting includes:

I will be attending the 3 Day NEW & Exclusive Ultimate Self Hypnosis System Live Training from the comfort of my home on November 3, 4 & 5th, 2023 where Igor will be revealing his go-to formula for fast, easy and reliable self-hypnosis.

The event will run each day from 9.00a.m-5.00p.m Eastern USA Time (that’s 2.00pm-10pm UK time and 3.00pm-11pm CET). Registration is open from 8 a.m Eastern USA Time on the first day of the training.

I can attend this exciting training for $1995 just 5 simple monthly installments of only $95 (That's a 77% Discount!)


I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 1 of the training! If this training doesn’t rock my world I can get a full refund - no questions asked!

Ultimate Self Hypnosis System  

I’m absolutely thrilled about this opportunity and am securing my place below before this unique training is totally sold out...




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