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Discover The Ultimate 12-Step Regression & Re-Integration Method To Solve ANY Problem Directly At Its Core With Speed & Precision

From: Igor Ledochowski
July 22, 2024

Time seemed to stand still for Amelia as she watched the horrific scene unfold before her.

The sound of metal against metal filled the air as the car directly in front of theirs swerved off the road and collided head-on with a lorry.

The crazy part?

It was a memory she had suppressed for decades… and it might have stayed buried in her unconscious mind for much longer had she not started to experience severe anxiety and panic attacks.

But I am getting ahead of myself, let me explain...

I met Amelia at a birthday party last year.

As the guests were mingling and making small talk, she politely asked what I did for a living.

When I told her I was a hypnotist and trainer, her eyes widened with excitement and she said to me:

"Two Years Ago A Hypnotist
Turned My Life Around.

Intrigued, I asked her to tell me more.

Amelia explained that a few years back her husband got a "once-in-a-lifetime" job offer in Los Angeles.

Excited about the opportunity, they decided to pack up their things, sell their apartment and move from London to California. 

Right away, her husband fell in love with Los Angeles, excelled at his job and made new friends. 

He was thrilled with their new life.

Amelia on the other hand realized she had a problem: 

In London she never needed to own or drive a car – she got around by walking or taking public transportation.

Paralized By PanicBut LA was different. Even a walk to the grocery store could take hours, buses were inconvenient and relying on cabs was slow and expensive. 

Amelia could no longer deny she needed a car.

There was just one big roadblock: 

Whenever Amelia pictured herself driving, she felt a wave of dread crash over her, triggering extreme panic attacks.

She tried to push past the fear by signing up for driving lessons and forcing herself to sit in the driver's seat without leaving the driveway, but within seconds she'd feel her heart pounding, her palms sweating and a feeling of fear so intense she thought she'd pass out. 

Clearly, this was no longer a minor inconvenience…

It Was A Full-Blown Phobia That Was Getting In The Way Of Her Life

Amelia was missing out on job interviews and relied on her husband to take her on every little errand.

She felt trapped, isolated and utterly miserable. Her self-esteem plummeted and her relationship started to suffer under the strain.

The worst part? 

Amelia's driving phobia had no clear cause… 

She had NO IDEA where the fear and panic was coming from!

Desperate to find a solution, Amelia tried psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, visualization, meditation, graded exposure therapy… you name it. Some provided temporary relief, but nothing brought her any closer to understanding where her fear was coming from and why it was there. 

As a result, the anxiety and fear always came back.

After several months Amelia was ready to give up and decided the only way forward was to go back to London for a while.

She was ready to book her flight when her husband came home and handed her a business card. On it was the number of a hypnotist who had helped one of his new colleagues overcome a fear of flying. 

Amelia was skeptical, she didn't know much about hypnosis and was doubtful it would make a difference. But she knew her well-being, confidence, and ultimately her relationship depended on it, so she agreed to give it a try.

To her surprise, in the very first session the hypnotist did something that made everything suddenly 'click' into place for Amelia: 

He used hypnotic regression to take Amelia back to her childhood to locate the original source of her fear. 

Amelia was shocked to recall a long-forgotten memory of driving in the countryside with her parents when suddenly…

The Car Directly In Front Of Them Swerved Off The Road And Collided Head On With A Lorry

She could see the memory so vividly even though it had been buried in her unconscious mind for decades.

Amelia said it felt like a puzzle piece finally fitting into place, and right away, she felt a sense of relief as she finally understood the source of her debilitating fear. 

However, it was what the hypnotist did next that made a permanent and lasting impact on her life:

He guided her through the memory and REFRAMED the event releasing the panic, anxiety and debilitating fear she associated with driving. 

With each following session, Amelia felt more empowered and less fearful. Pretty soon, she could picture herself driving without feeling overwhelming anxiety.

But the real breakthrough came just a few weeks later when Amelia got inside a car (with an instructor by her side) and for the first time in her life drove around her neighborhood.

Her Life Totally TransformedThat was the turning point.

From there, she went on to get her driver's license, found a job in Los Angeles, regained her confidence, and most importantly, saved her marriage.

Not surprisingly, Amelia said she feels grateful to the hypnotist who helped her every single day .

In fact, she was so amazed and inspired by the impact the hypnotist had on her life that she looked into mastering regression and re-integration therapy so she too could help others the way the hypnotist helped her.

There was just one problem:

She could not find a training that:

A: Was open to beginners.

B: Would teach her how to use Regression and Re-Integration Therapy from start to finish.

C: Provided hands-on practical experience applying Regression and Re-Integration Therapy to real-life issues. And even when she came across hypnosis trainings that covered regression and re-integration to some extent…

And even when she came across hypnosis trainings that covered regression to some extent…

They never went into the breadth, detail and depth that would take someone like Amelia from being a total beginner, to being able to use Regression Therapy and Re-integration in a professional setting, getting REAL results. 

The moment I heard that, one person instantly came to mind:

4 Step Escalation Ledochowski ProtocolMartijn Groenendal – revered hypnosis and NLP master practitioner, in-house Hypnosis Training Academy Trainer and one of the world's leading experts on regression & reintegration.

In fact, Martijn himself has used regression and re-integration therapy to help people get rid of chronic pain, overcome trauma, dissolve debilitating fears, and much more.

He is hands down the BEST hypnotist to go to if you want to find out how to unlock the deepest, most profound transformations in others using regression and re-integration therapy…

So you too can go STRAIGHT to the core of a problem, deliver lasting change and gain a reputation for handling the toughest cases other therapists shy away from. 

Which is why I've convinced Martijn to lead a 5-day live training in Las Vegas this year (2024) called...

"The Ultimate 12-Step
Regression & Re-integration Method
Certification Training"

And in it, Martijn will reveal the complete regression and integration method he himself has honed over the years and applies in his own practice to help clients permanently resolve traumas, emotional blockages, and unresolved past experiences.

More about the "content" of the training and the certification aspect of it in just a moment.

First, here are three things you should know about the trainer Martijn Groenendal (if you don't know them already):

Martijn Groenendal is an acclaimed NLP & Hypnosis Master Practitioner & Trainer (the highest level you can get). He is also a Hypnosis Training Academy and IAPCH* certified trainer of Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis. Martijn was personally trained by me (Igor Ledochowski) in Advanced Conversational Hypnosis and Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis and personally trained by co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, in Master Practitioner-level NLP techniques.

Martijn Groenendal is an extremely experienced and competent live trainer in the areas of Hypnosis, NLP and Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis. He has done live trainings in a variety of countries – including in England, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, India, the United States and many others.

Martijn is easily one of the best (most results-effective) hypnotherapists I know. People seek him out because he gets results for 1,000s of clients dealing with everything from fear, anxiety, phobias, weight loss, smoking cessation, memory improvement, and sports performance. He's also known as one of the world's top experts to go to for "Fear of Flying" and has cured several hundred people of this debilitating phobia.

And in the process, he's clocked up literally thousands of hours of clinical practice experience and live training experience.

Just like me, he's run many trainings internationally.

He's been a trainer for over 25 years!

Point is:

Martijn Has a Knack For Breaking Down Complex Hypnosis Techniques… AND… He's Also an Expert At Showing You How To Apply The Techniques On Real Client Issues

Anyway, when you "combine" the power of Regression and Re-integration Therapy with the training and experience of Martijn Groenendal -- you are going to experience a fully-integrated hypnosis training and personal transformation that will be life changing for you as a hypnotist.

So if you want to know how to master regression and re-integration therapy at an advanced level and get trained directly by one of the leading practitioners of this in-demand technique then…

You Won't Want To Miss This BRAND NEW Live & In-Person Training in Las Vegas With Martijn Groenendal

Because this is THE training that in the span of 5 short days will transform you into a truly exceptional regression and re-integration therapist with a reputation for handling the toughest cases and changing people’s lives.

Make no mistake, regression and re-integration is one of the MOST (if not THE most) powerful techniques you can master as a hypnotist.

Why is this so?

Look at it this way:

Your mind collects and stores memories as you move through life which in turn mold your beliefs and self-perception. 

However, this also means traumatic and difficult memories often turn into the SOURCE of patterns, behaviors and emotional blockages that can show up in your life as…

Sometimes you might know exactly what event triggered a life-long belief or pattern to take hold… 

While other times you'll have no clear memory of WHAT occurred or WHEN it happened.

Yet the result is the same: 

You live in a limited state where you WANT your life to be one way…

But no matter how hard you try, you end up going in the opposite direction.

Which is exactly what makes Regression and Re-Integration Therapy so powerful:

It gives you a way to go back in time to the PRECISE moment the issue started so you can SAFELY revisit the memory, reframe the entire experience, and extract positive lessons.

In short, you confront, process, and ultimately release deeply embedded emotional and psychological wounds, leading to profound healing and transformation.

Simply put:

Regression and Re-Integration Therapy Is The KEY To Unlocking The Deepest, Most Profound And Long-Lasting Transformations

Sure, other approaches can provide relief for a while…

But unless you heal the problem at its SOURCE it's a lot like putting a bucket under a leaky roof:

You might fix the issue temporarily, but once the bucket overflows you'll end up exactly where you started.

Make no mistake, the key to PERMANENT transformation is to tackle the cause of a problem, not just the symptoms.

Which means once you know how to use the Ultimate 12-Step Regression and Re-integration Method, you will…

Automatically Stand Out As a Rare Hypnotist Who Can Resolve Even The Toughest Problems Directly
At Their CORE

Now, you might be wondering… 

If regression and re-integration is so effective and powerful, why don’t more hypnotists use it?

Unfortunately, most hypnotists don’t feel confident enough using regression and re-integration therapy to make it a central part of their therapeutic toolkit.

In fact, many hypnotist shy away from regression and re-integration therapy even when a client explicitly asks them to use it for THREE simple reasons:

REASON 1: They don't have a simple, repeatable process they can use regardless of the person in front of them or the issue they're facing.

REASON 2: They haven't gained enough "hands-on" experience working with REAL people and REAL issues. As a result they lack confidence in their ability to handle emotions that may surface leading them to shy away from tough cases.

REASON 3: Most trainings they've done have only skimmed the surface of regression therapy, without going into the breadth and depth required to TRULY master this technique.

Which is exactly why Martijn’s Ultimate 12-Step Regression and Re-integration Method Live Training is the most complete and comprehensive training on Regression and Re-Integration Therapy you’ll find.

And not only will you discover a simple, repeatable and effective Regression and Re-Integration Method you can apply with any client or issue…

You’ll also spend a full 5 days honing your skills, working through REAL-LIFE issues, and getting feedback in real-time so you gain the kind of true confidence that comes with mastering a skill AND putting your skills to the test!

In short, you can walk into the training on day 1 with ZERO regression or re-integration experience, ZERO hypnosis experience and ZERO knowledge of how to apply regression or re-integration in a therapeutic setting and by the end of the training…

You’ll Walk Out As One Of The Most Qualified, Knowledgeable And Experienced Regression and Re-Integration Therapists In The World.

That is the overall purpose and goal of the 5-day live and in-person "Ultimate 12-Step Regression and Re-integration Method" Training that Martijn will be leading.

If that sounds like it resonates with the goals you have for yourself – what follows is the structure of the training along with an insight into what you can look forward to on each day of the live training itself:

DAY 1 - Prime The Mind For Hypnosis, Master Rapid Hypnotic Inductions & Deepen Positive Hypnotic States

Find out how to successfully identify your subject's problem or goal, and use trance preparation questions to prime the mind for hypnosis. 

You'll also discover the key to quickly inducing hypnosis in anyone using the Liebeault induction and eye fixation techniques as well as deepening exercises to ensure your subject is in a state of deep trance. 

Here are just a few of the techniques and benefits you'll walk away with after the first day of the training:
  • Discover the first steps of the ultimate 12-Step Regression Therapy and Re-integration Method – you'll gain the tools to set up a robust foundation in ALL your hypnosis sessions
  • Why each problem has 6 layers… and how to get to the DEEPEST layer where your subject's core wound originates (this is where healing MUST start!)
  • The right way to identify the REAL problem or goal your subject wants to resolve so you can have a truly productive session
  • Specific trance questions you can use to put your subject in the optimal mindset for hypnosis, healing and transformation 
  • How to bring positive memories BACK TO LIFE… activating neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of love, joy and confidence
  • Practice the simple and rapid Liebeault eye fixation induction (anyone can do this, and it works!) 
  • Apply deepening techniques such as visualization and relaxation to enhance the hypnotic state leading to better results 
  • Discover how to empower yourself and others through positive memories, deep trance identifications, and special hypnotic symbols

DAY 2 - How To Work With Positive Or Negative Emotions, Release Emotional Blockages & Revisit Memories Through Age Regression

Now that you know how to set the right foundation, you'll start to get hands-on experience working with REAL memories and emotions. 

You'll master handling both positive and negative emotions, with the skills to reframe experiences so they provide resources, lessons and confidence instead of keeping someone stuck in pain, limiting beliefs and negative patterns. 

After today, you'll be well-equipped to work with ANY emotion that comes your way, no matter how complex or seemingly difficult… you'll gain the tools to help anyone who comes to you. 

Here are just a few of the techniques and benefits you'll walk away with after the second day of the training:

  • Why all emotions try to send a message – you'll gain the tools to "decipher" any emotions you encounter in yourself and your hypnosis subjects
  • Do THIS when you stumble upon a happy memory to leave your subject feeling elated and filled with positive emotions 
  • Effectively manage ANY emotion, with the skills to transform pain into powerful lessons and positive outcomes
  • Become skilled at "reading" your subject and finding the optimal next step depending on what they're really feeling  
  • Gain the ability to properly manage your emotions… leading to better communication, improved decision making, reduced anxiety, increased productivity and much more! 
  • Know the EXACT process to help yourself and others make identity-level changes to regain self-worth, build self-confidence and rediscover a zest for life
  • Reframe the past, resolving feelings of guilt, shame, anger and fear that have been holding someone back for far too long
  • Find out how to AMPLIFY positive memories and emotions to bring resources from the past into the present 
  • How to identify and release unresolved emotions that create limiting beliefs and harmful behavioral patterns (releasing pent-up emotions also means less stress, anxiety, and depression!) 
  • Gain the versatility to work with both positive and negative emotions, honing your intuition to decide which approach will best fit your subject 
  • Clear out emotional blockages (experience this for yourself as you apply and practice these techniques!)
  • Take your subject back in time using Age Regression to revisit earlier life experiences… extracting lessons or reframing traumatic events to release emotional blocks and heal old wounds

DAY 3 - Rewrite and Reframe the Past with Regression, Imprint New Lessons Using Gestalt Dialogues & Successfully Reintegrate Your Subject

Discover how to use the powerful Gestalt dialogues to reframe experiences and enhance positive memories.

You'll also find out how to offer your subject effective post hypnotic suggestions, empowering them for future success, and how to close your sessions by testing the results before reintegrating your subject in a positive and empowering way. 

By the end of day 3, you'll be ready to apply the complete 12-step regression method for therapeutic sessions and transformations! 

Here are just a few of the techniques and benefits you'll walk away with after the third day of the training:

  • Complete all 12 steps of the ultimate Regression Therapy and Re-integration Method… allowing you to confidently pinpoint AND resolve deep-seated issues in your clients!
  • How to conduct powerful gestalt dialogues to address and heal core wounds
  • The key to successfully reintegrating your subject to ensure the problem doesn't resurface and they continue to experience ongoing benefits
  • How to "test" the regression outcomes to make sure the source of the problem has been fully dealt with 
  • The easiest way to extract positive lessons from difficult memories… leading to permanent mindset shifts and finally releasing stuck emotions!
  • How to use post-hypnotic suggestions and future pacing to ensure your hypnosis session has long lasting results 
  • Empower others to outgrow patterns of fear and self-doubt by helping them have healing conversations with people from their past that feel REAL 
  • Discover the optimal way to manage old memories so instead of holding you back they become the stepping stones to growth, success and personal empowerment
  • How to SAFELY revisit traumatic memories to re-process them in a positive way that leads to growth and healing

DAY 4 - Applying The Complete 12-Step Regression & Re-integration Method To Resolve Real-Life Issues

Now that you've covered all 12 steps of the complete Regression and Re-integration method, you're ready to apply this incredible tool. 

You'll dive into practical applications of regression, focusing on how to approach and work with real life issues such as depression, burnout, trauma, people-pleasing, addictions, childhood challenges, and self-image issues.

Here are just a few of the techniques and benefits you'll walk away with after the fourth day of the training:

  • Gain the FULL set of tools and techniques you'll need to tackle challenging problems such as burn-out, depression, addictions and trauma so you can resolve them permanently!
  • Help others break out of a "fight or flight" response they've been stuck in for years so they can finally live in the present and let go of past pain, hurt and emotional blocks
  • Master age regression techniques to guide clients back to pivotal memories and uncover how to transform them into positive resources 
  • Heal core wounds like feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and fear of rejection – this alone can be life-changing!
  • How to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns, enhancing self-expression and confidence in your clients
  • How to develop a roadmap your subject can easily follow that will ensure their long-term growth 
  • The key to empowering clients to break free from "blocking and soothing" mechanisms such as addictions and codependency
  • Gain practical training in advanced regression and transformational therapy to resolve a range of real-life issues you're most likely to encounter 
  • Know precisely what steps to take once your subject uncovers a traumatic memory so it no longer has any power over them
  • How to use "Personal Success Scripts" to empower your hypnosis subject to stay focused and motivated on their journey instead of falling back into old patterns 

DAY 5 - Using Regression and Re-integration To Permanently Change the Subconscious. Optional Hypnotherapy Certification Preparation & Exam.

Hone your skills and dive deeper into Regression and Re-Integration therapy as you practice conducting complete hypnosis sessions to create permanent changes in your clients. 

What's more, you'll even get to experience what it's like to apply the 12-step regression framework to your own life… and feel the incredible benefits for yourself! 

Plus, at the end of Day 5 you can take the optional Regression and Re-Integration Hypnotherapy Certification.

Here are just a few of the techniques and benefits you'll walk away with after the fourth day of the training:

  • Gain hands-on experience with real subjects, ensuring you feel confident applying each step of the 12-Step Regression and Re-Integration Method
  • Integrate lessons from past experiences into daily life, promoting lasting change in others
  • Align the conscious and unconscious mind – this is the KEY to creating lasting change and transformation in others  
  • Feel a renewed sense of commitment to your own personal growth as you experience the profound benefits of regression therapy for yourself
  • Transform someone stuck in a victim mindset into an empowered individual, enhancing their self-worth and confidence
  • Shine a light on your own "blindspots" and uncover moments from the past you've skipped over without fully integrating them into your identity (this alone will make you a far better hypnotist!) 
  • Review personal setbacks, failures and trauma through a "hero" perspective completely SHIFTING your self-perception and transforming the story you tell yourself about your past 
  • Uncover missing skills, lessons, and resources from your past and integrate them into your present… setting off an exciting chain reaction as your limiting beliefs and emotional blocks start to dissolve and fall away!
  • Extract "skipped lessons" from your past so you can fill in knowledge gaps that may have been holding you back in life… without you even realizing it! 
  • Explore past experiences to understand the origins of unhealthy habits and negative patterns so you can FINALLY break the cycle for good!
  • Earn your (optional) certification upon completion, enhancing your professional credentials and credibility

And if you decide you want to take the certification at the end (which is optional)...

It Will Certify You As A Regression and Re-Integration Hypnotherapist

Which means you’ll be joining an exclusive group of hypnotherapists trained in this powerful and life-changing skill.

And perhaps most importantly of all…

You’ll get to experience first hand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of this life-changing 12-step regression and re-integration method so you too can extract positive lessons, heal painful memories and let go of emotional blocks or limiting beliefs.

Needless to say, this alone will guarantee you walk away a better hypnotist because you'll automatically take on a more calm, positive and empowered state of mind, with the energy, experience and confidence to help anyone who crosses your path.

What's more, since this is the first live and IN-PERSON training in THREE YEARS, this means you'll get to practice face-to-face with fellow hypnotists from all over the world honing your skills and getting real-time feedback.

Although online trainings are an excellent way to gain new skills from the comfort of your home… 

Nothing beats being in a room full of like-minded individuals all experiencing powerful transformations, providing support and motivation as you master a unique skill that will make each of your communities a happier, healthier place.

Okay, with all that said, here are:

The logistical details of the
"The Ultimate 12-Step Regression &
Re-integration Method" Training:

Training Dates

The live training will take place this year (2024) starting on the 1st of October and will end on the 5th of October. Training will start at 9 a.m. each day and finish at 5.15 p.m.

Certification Details:

You will receive (on completion of the 5-day training) CERTIFICATION from the Hypnosis Training Academy, that has my signature on it (Igor Ledochowski) and will then be also signed by Martijn Groenendal.

Location & Venue:

The training will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada with the exact venue location to be confirmed prior to the training.

Training Investment:

The total training investment to attend the "Ultimate 12-Step Regression & Re-Integration Method" is $1,970.

However during our "Super Early-Bird" registration period you can get a 60% OFF Discount AND spread your investment over 4 simple monthly installments of only $197.

As you can see, you still have time to get the "Super Early-Bird" 60% DISCOUNT OFF the full listed attendance fee.

This is so because "early bird" registrations enable the Hypnosis Training Academy to book venues in advance and receive better rates for the training facility bookings – hence we are happy to share that discount with you if you register soon!

Of course you’re completely protected by our “Try It First 100% Money Back Guarantee”


You also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 2 of the training!

Then, if you decide it’s not for you – for whatever reason... you will get a full and prompt refund.

No explaining to do on your end. And no questions asked by us.

What to do right now:

Of course, I highly recommend you register for the "super early bird" DISCOUNT right now by clicking on the "Reserve Your Spot" button below (and following the simple instructions):

Don't put it off!

Claim your super-early-bird discount now and SAVE 60% OFF plus spread the investment over 4 simple monthly installments!

And I cannot guarantee these super-early bird places will be available for long especially as this is a brand new training.

Therefore, to guarantee your registration is received BEFORE all places at the event are filled by others – I highly recommend you register as soon as possible – like. right. now. -- for this one…

I get all of this for $1,970 Just 4 simple monthly installments of just $197 USD (60% OFF Super Early-Bird Registration Discount Saving $1,182!)
I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 2 of the training! If this training doesn't rock my world I can get a full refund

I am securing my space now as the
super-early bird discount will only be available for a very limited time…also numbers WILL be capped at this training due to limited space.


This event is not accepting
anymore registrations

With Gratitude,

Igor Ledochowski

Author Of Over 100 Different Hypnosis Training Products & Seminars
Author Of The Best Selling, “The Deep Trance Training Manual”
Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

P.S. One attribute all the best people in their field have is they take advantage of opportunities to meet and make personal connections with those operating at the top of their game. Martijn Groenendal is at the top of his game.

Here's your chance to come meet him and, if you choose, make him a life-long personal connection. There's no price you can put on that!

Martijn Groenendal
Master Hypnotist

4 Step Escalation Ledochowski ProtocolMartijn's work has changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

His goal is to help you achieve the positive change you want in your life as quickly and as easily as possible through the use of life coaching, hypnosis and specialized rapid-change personal development.

This is not only Martijn's job; it is his passion, his art. Martijn uses every tool in his subconscious toolbox to help you create new, more positive lifestyle techniques.

Your life can literally turn around in the blink of an eye.

Martijn is a Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Licensed Trainer, and a Life Coach. He is also the first, and currently only, Certified Master Trainer for the International Association of Conversational Hypnotherapists in the Netherlands & the UK (and one of only 24 worldwide). Martijn is also the founder of his own Hypnosis Training Institute and the NLP Life Academy.

Although Martijn calls Amsterdam his home, his trainings span the globe.

What this means for you is that Martijn has devoted his life to making your life change work easier.

Imagine making the change start happening before you ever close your eyes.

How surprised will you be when you have a conversation with Martijn and your issue just disappears?

How wonderful will you feel when you realize the change happened so fast?

Studied and Certified:

  • Certified Hypnosis Trainer (Igor Ledochowski)
  • Certified Licensed Trainer (Richard Bandler)
  • Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Igor Ledochowski)
  • Hypnosis Examiner (IAPCH)
  • Hypnotic Storytelling (Robin Manuell)
  • Conversational Hypnotherapy (Igor Ledochowski)
  • Licensed Trainer of Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Conversational Hypnosis Trainer (International Association of Conversational Hypnotherapists)
  • Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist (IAPCH)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner (NLP Society)
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner (NLP Society)
  • Certified NLP Coach (NLP Society)
  • NLP Certified Licensed Trainer (by Richard Bandler)
  • Certified Stage Hypnotist
  • The International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists(IAPCH)
  • Numerous Other Trainings & Certifications in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Persuasion Engineering, Meditation & Personal Change

On the Air:

  • Interview with Marc Savard (Las Vegas, USA) On Stage Hypnosis
  • Multiple Broadcasts on Hypnosis & NLP (Netherlands & UK)


  • NLP Life Academy (Netherlands)
  • Hypnosis Training Institute (Netherlands & UK)
  • Hypnotherapy Practice (Netherlands)


  • Multiple Hypnosis & NLP Home Study Programs


P.P.S. Here are what students have said about Martijn's live training events from the past: 

4 Step Escalation Ledochowski Protocol"I've gone through other trainings with other Hypnotherapists before, but there was a lot of subtlety and nuance with the way Martijn was leading the classes, and I felt that I was able to get a lot more value and a lot more questions answered than I've gone through in previous trainings…We got a lot of time to practice with Martijn.

You do get a lot of time to ask questions of a very knowledgeable and very gifted trainer, and you also get to network with other folks who are on the same journey as you and potentially get to practice with them along the way."

Manoj Varghese
Life Coach, Hypnotherapist

4 Step Escalation Ledochowski Protocol"Martijn makes the training come alive with the pictures and diagrams. I now have a much, much better understanding from the foundations. I feel like it's very integrated on a really deep level now.

The highlight of this course for me was definitely the deep quality of the trance when I'm working as a subject with Martijn. Martijn has a very good range between professionalism and an open heart. I appreciate that a lot, because that brings me much, much closer to him compared to other instructors or trainers.

It seems that magic is happening when Martijn is doing his trainings."


Social Worker, Hypnotherapist

4 Step Escalation Ledochowski Protocol “I love Martijn. He’s a really great Hypnotist and a great trainer. And when I heard that he was giving a training, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the training again.”

Tom Mulryan

Hypnotist, Hypnocoach

4 Step Escalation Ledochowski Protocol “I want to say thanks for all the team, for Martijn, for explaining in an easy way how we can improve our capabilities, and that’s it. Thank you so much.”

Leonor Ramirez


4 Step Escalation Ledochowski Protocol“Martijn has worked with Igor for at least 15 years, and he models what someone can become. I felt so warmed by his spirit, his creativity. Everything that we are learning in order to help others was provided to us as participants…I feel more ready to step into who I am as a Hypnotist because of Martijn.”


Hypnotist, Change Work Coach

4 Step Escalation Ledochowski Protocol “The training has affected my understanding of Hypnosis through the excellent delivery of the information by Martijn as well as providing a more extensive understanding of techniques and methods to help your clients.

This training has given me more experiential confidence in going through the techniques with the other students providing real experience with the methods. The highlight of the course for me is the actual doing of the training sessions and incorporating the techniques and the training with your classmates.”

Horace Smith-Bay

IT Consultant, Entrepreneur, Developer


"The Ultimate 12-Step
Regression & Re-integration Method
Live Certification Training"

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LIVE IN LAS VEGAS October 1-5, 2024


I am ready and eager to experience 5 amazing days in Las Vegas, Nevada from the 1st of October to the 5th of October, 2024 to become a Certified in Advanced Hypnotic Regression and Re-Integration Level 1.
Seminar LocationI will be training for 5 amazing days with Martijn Groenendal in the vibrant city of Las Vegas (from October 1st - October 5th, 2024)
I will be attending the "Ultimate 12-Step Regression & Re-integration Method" Certification Training (certification is optional and held on day 5)
I get all of this for $1,970 Just 4 simple monthly installments of just $197 USD (60% OFF Super Early-Bird Registration Discount Saving $1,182!)
I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 2 of the training! If this training doesn't rock my world I can get a full refund

I am securing my space now as the
super-early bird discount will only be available for a very limited time…also numbers WILL be capped at this training due to limited space.



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