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“Amplify Your Self Hypnosis Transformation With This Extraordinary New ‘Memory Re-Programming’ Training!”

Igor Ledochowski

Dear Friend,

What this is about:

Between January 26th, 27th, and 28th I will be holding a very ambitious LIVE ONLINE training program called The Perfect Life Method.

This brand-new training merges breakthrough self-hypnosis methods with extraordinary ‘Memory Re-Programming’ techniques anybody can use (regardless of your experience with hypnosis) to proactively shape your own reality by rewiring your own inner blueprint.

Not only will you discover how to eliminate destructive habits, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, you will also have the opportunity to do something even more extraordinary:

You Can Choose Which Memories Shape Your Self-Perception and Define Your Reality

Can you choose your memoriesYou might be thinking…

Why should I spend time and energy digging through the past when I can focus on the present or future?

I’m glad you asked.

To answer this question, take a moment to ask yourself:

Do you ever find yourself replaying that one awkward comment you made at a party years ago every time you're about to meet someone new?

Do your cheeks still burn with embarrassment at the thought of the speech you fumbled way back when?

When you think about starting a new project or pursuing a business idea, do you talk yourself out of it before you even take the first step?

Have you ever sabotaged a date because you let past relationships overshadow the present moment?

Do you convince yourself there’s no point in trying to stick to a healthy diet because you can never resist cravings?

Despite all the successful hypnosis sessions you’ve had, do you replay the negative moments over and over?

If you’re like most people you probably answered yes to many of these questions for one simple reason:

Humans come “pre-installed” with a negativity bias.


Can you choose your memoriesBecause the amygdala (the part of the brain responsible for processing emotions and linking them to memories) uses 66% of its neurons to scan for threats.

This means you’re more likely to remember and focus on negative experiences.

And over time, memories of failure, setbacks and rejection turn into the “blueprint” driving your beliefs, behaviors, and life decisions.

In other words…

Your Mind Is Like Velcro For Negative Experiences And A Slippery Water Slide For Positive Memories

Here’s why that matters:

The human brain is WIRED to use past experiences to inform future decisions – you anticipate outcomes by projecting past experiences onto NEW situations.

And if your memory bank is overflowing with memories of failure and self-doubt, you start to expect negative outcomes in your life.

Here’s another way to think about it:

Can you choose your memoriesImagine two identical twins. They’ve had the same upbringing, went to the same schools, and even dress the same.

From the outside you’d struggle to tell them apart.

And yet they have ONE invisible difference:

Their memory bank.

Twin A, let’s call him Alan, has an uncanny knack for holding onto the good stuff.

His memory reel is packed with high-fives, moments when he felt on top of the world, triumphant accomplishments, and happy times spent with friends and loved ones.

Now, Twin B, or Ben, is a different story.

His Memory Replays Every Rejection, Every Awkward Handshake, Every Argument, And Every Time He Felt Two Inches Tall, All In Excruciating Detail

Now, let’s fast forward 10 years:

Who do you think will confidently chase their dreams, cultivate enriching relationships, and craft a life brimming with success, adventure and achievement?

And who will stay stuck, doubting every move and second-guessing every decision?

I think you know the answer.

See, your memories aren't just static fragments of the past; they’re dynamic forces that continually shape your self-perception, beliefs, and behaviors.

Can you choose your memoriesHere’s why this matters:

If you PROACTIVELY curate your memories into a reservoir of positive, uplifting and empowering experiences…

Then you’ll create a new “supercharged memory blueprint” you can use to shape, mold, and guide your life where YOU want it to go.

This is exactly what you’ll discover how to do, step-by-step, in my…

Brand-New LIVE ONLINE Perfect Life Method Training Program

More specifically, by going through this Brand-New Live Online Training, you’ll…

Here To Reserve Your Spot Today

In short, you’ll start to operate on a whole new level drawing people and opportunities to you like a magnet.

Because once you know how to shape your own reality, people will instinctively sense your confidence, positivity and optimism, and will want to be around you, collaborate with you, and be influenced by the energy YOU radiate.

Now, you might be wondering, will this method work for me… what if my memories are too distant, blurry, or vague?

The answer is simple:

If you can remember what you had for breakfast this morning, then you already have the tools you need for this easy method to work for you.

All you have to do is show up with an open mind and a curious attitude and you’ll see results from the very first day…

But You’ll Be Even More Amazed as Your Success Snowballs Into Massive Achievements In The Weeks, Months and Years That Follow

Super-powerful stuff!

See, I’ve always believed that your ability to use the power of your mind to create your desired reality is what makes life exciting…

And that’s why I created this unique “memory reprogramming” method – to help you become the most confident, inspiring and positive version of yourself by harnessing the untapped potential of your memories in a way that’s fun, easy and effortless.

A No-Brainer Decision…

I figure an exclusive 3 day training would be fair value at $1995 (and even with a 50% Early Bird Discount it would be $997… and superb value).

That’s because I truly believe this training and its life-transforming teqniques should be made available to as many people as possible and anyone who has the desire to improve themselves and their life’s circumstances should have the skills and opportunity to do so…

So instead, you can go ahead and reserve your spot for the Brand-New Perfect Life Method Live Online Training with me, Igor Ledochowski, today for just $1995 $95 x 5 (That’s a 77% OFF Discount!).

Of course you're fully protected with our…


You can participate in the exclusive BRAND-NEW Perfect Life Method Live Online Training with me, Igor Ledochowski.

And if you don't believe this is the most cutting-edge self-improvement seminar you’ve ever attended... then... you have nothing to risk.

Because if after the first day of the training you are not completely satisfied, then you can request a full refund and get every penny you paid back. No questions asked. No problems.

If it's not for you, just let me know. No hard feelings.

So go ahead and reserve your place below for this Brand-New and exciting training in January 2024...

Perfect Life Method Live Online Training Event With Igor Ledochowski

LIVE and Online From The Comfort Of Your Home!

January 26th to 28th, 2024

(Registration kicks off at 8:00 AM Eastern on January 26th)


Enroll me in the Perfect Life Method live online training event, I am ready and eager to experience 3 amazing days with Igor & my fellow attendees.

The package I am getting includes:

I will be attending the 3 Day exclusive Perfect Life Method Live Online training from the comfort of my home on January 26th, 27th & 28th, 2024

The event will run each day from 9.00a.m-5.00p.m Eastern USA Time (that’s 2.00pm-10pm UK time and 3.00pm-11pm CET). Registration is open from 8 a.m Eastern USA Time on the first day of the training

I get all of this for $1995 just 5 simple monthly installments of only $95 (That’s a 77% Discount!)

I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 1 of the training! If this training doesn’t rock my world I can get a full refund - no questions asked!


Ultimate Self Hypnosis System  

I’m absolutely thrilled about this opportunity and am securing my place below before this unique training is totally sold out...




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