How Hypnotists Just Like You Are Making A Solid Income
From “Hypnotic Journey”
Group Programs...

... And Getting More 1-On-1 Clients
As A By-Product ...

... and how you can too ...

From: Igor Ledochowski

ear Reader, If you want to know how even a “beginner” hypnotist can
  reliably fill a hypnosis practice (and get paid well to do so)… then
 here’s how some in-the-know hypnotists are already doing it.

And why you can do the same thing with the information that follows.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Recently in Las Vegas I spoke from the stage to a group of hypnotists about a simple, reliable and repeatable process that…

Enables you To Get Well-Paid
To Create Demand For Your
“Core” Hypnosis Services

It “gets around” all the typical problems and limitations that hypnotists routinely run into when trying to fill a private practice the traditional way.

For example:

One of my students in Florida – who had been struggling and failing to build a hypnosis practice the traditional way - came to me for advice.

I outlined to him what I’m about to outline to you.

I told my student in Florida that all he needed to do was follow a NEW, yet SIMPLE model and process that’s designed to make a six figure a year income from hypnosis.

And guess what else?

I Told Him To Work This New Process
(At Most) A Couple Of Hours A Day,
Monday To Friday

Nothing about his hypnosis skills was to really change.

He’d still be the same person.

He’d be living and working in the same area with the same “opportunities.”

All that would be different is instead of using the traditional model to fill his hypnosis practice – he was now to follow the simple, reliable and repeatable process I outlined to him.

And the reason I told him that was so it would...

Allow him to reachmore people with his hypnosis.

Allow him to have a greater impact in his community (impacting many people with hypnosis that wouldn’t otherwise get in touch with him for help).

Allow him to leverage his time and… in a very real sense… have people pay him weeks in advance to get a “taste” of what hypnosis can do for them.

And perhaps best of all:

Even if nobody ever came forward for one-on-one hypnosis sessionsthe new model I told him to follow (the model and process I outlined to him)…

Would Still Continue To Provide
Him With A Reliable And
Very Viable Income!

Secret To Generating Tons Of InterestYou know what, though?

If you follow the new model and process I outlined to him… you'll have more people than ever coming forward (of their own volition) asking about – and signing up for -- your private (higher-priced) one-on-one hypnosis sessions.

Those people “sell themselves” on the idea of having a one-on-one private session – or, more correctly, a series of private sessions – with you.

How come?

Well, in case you haven’t already guessed, the new model and process I outlined to my student in Florida (and subsequently explained and demonstrated in even more detail during the training in Las Vegas) is all about doing GROUP PROGRAMS.

But not just any run-of-the-mill group programs you might have heard about elsewhere.

See, there happen to be...

A Number Of “Secret Ingredients” To
Doing Hypnosis Group Programs If
Your Goal Is To:

Have sufficient number of people WANT to turn up for the group program in the first place (hint: this is where most hypnotists fail big-time!).

Have sufficient number of people WANT to continue attending your program for weeks at a time.

And, also…

Have sufficient number of people who WANT to pay (up-front) for a package of weekly group programs.

For the model to work:

You have to make people want to attend your group program… have to make people want to continue attending the weekly group sessions and… must set things up in a way that makes people feel happy about paying (up-front) for the number of weeks you will be holding the group program.

And then, of course... have to know what you’re doing in each group session itself so that the people attending actually experience their own unique and individualized transformational result.

I need to repeat that (because this is KEY):

You Absolutely Have To
“Individualize” The Experience
For Everyone In The Group

Everyone MattersEven if there are 10 or 20 (or more) people in the room.

Which is a BIG, BIG problem for most hypnotists.


Because most hypnotists only know how to do classic guided visualizations when working with a group.

Guided visualizations are fine… if... you ONLY want people in the group to show up… once (thus, ONLY paying you to attend one group session).


If you want all the group members to really get something significant and transformational out of your group sessions…

… and if you want all the group members to want to commit to paying for a package or program of, say, 5 to 10 weekly group sessions…

…then you NEED to deliver something more valuable and more “personalized” than the typical, classic, guided visualization.

In short, to ensure the maximum number of people attend your group program, and continue attending for multiple weekly group sessions… (and gladly pay you to do so)… you first need to know how to manage the dynamics of the group, and then secondly (and even more importantly)…

A “personalized” and “targeted” Hypnotic Journey will create a completely different “atmosphere” and experience for each individual member in your group – even though you are not actually working with any particular individual in the room.

What do I mean by completely different “atmosphere” and experience for each individual?

Well, with a classic-type guided visualization delivered to a group, the typical reaction at the end of the session will be:

Hmm, that was okay I suppose. Not really sure what it did though!” (And you probably won’t get many people turning up the following week).

Whereas, when you’re able to “personalize” and “target” (tailor-make) a Hypnotic Journey to your group -- the reaction you’re likely to get is:

“Wow! That was super-powerful. I can’t wait ‘til next week’s session.” (And the following week you’ll have a full-house again!)

Another thing:

By following the Hypnotic Journey process it will also be quite common for you to get approached (at some point throughout the weekly sessions, by one or more of the group members) and…

They Will Ask About Working
With You Privately

Those are the people (the “self-selectors”) who you can set aside a time to discuss how you can help them further and, where appropriate, sign them up (at higher service charges) for private one-on-one hypnosis sessions.

Experience has shown that:

The GROUP PROGRAM model...

...following the HYPNOTIC JOURNEY process is...

THE Most Viable Way
To Get One-On-One Private
Hypnosis Clients

For starters:

You get paid for conducting the package of weekly group sessions (and it’s quite realistic to get paid $2,000 for a package of 5 group sessions – which will only take you, say, an hour-and-a-half on one day of the week to run).

Then, when certain individuals from the group (or groups!) you conduct “step forward” and want to sign-up for individual (private) hypnosis sessions… you will find yourself in the enviable position of…

Getting Paid To “Cherry-Pick”
Higher Paying, 1-On-1 Clients

Spending Time Doing What You Love MostThat is what becomes possible (and, yes, realistic) to you when you know how to set up group packages and deliver the all-important Hypnotic Journeys.

Most hypnotists (even very experienced ones) HAVE NO IDEA how to properly manage the dynamics of group programs and deliver the all-important HYPNOTIC JOURNEYS.

That’s why they (the other hypnotists not in-the-know) will have to continue relying on old, cumbersome and costly methods to fill their hypnosis practice in an attempt to make a decent living from it.

But you (now!) are in-the-know!

And very soon you can be in the enviable position of getting paid to attract and “cherry pick” the best one-on-one clients... by first following the GROUP PROGRAM MODEL in combination with the HYPNOTIC JOURNEY PROCESS.

It’s actually a very simple model and process to follow – assuming, of course, that you know all the “moving parts” and know exactly how to put everything together.

And THAT is where I can help you better than anyone else. Because...

...that training I held in Las Vegas, which explained in great detail what you need to know about doing group programs -- (including the business side of things and the income potential from them along with how to conduct the Hypnotic Journey part itself) – was recorded as videos.

These videos are now available and are titled: Hypnotic Journeys Group Hypnosis

If you are smart enough to watch these videos you will get every secret, every insight and every nuance you need to be successful at running profitable group packages delivering Hypnotic Journeys.

Here is a run-down of what you will get out of watching the videos:

Once you start following my Group Program model you’ll be adept at mastering (and leveraging) the human-dynamics in the room in such a way that...

The Group Members Themselves Will Be
“Driving” The Group As A Whole For You

This takes a LOT of pressure off you (the hypnotist) to “perform” and impress.

Seriously – once you get the group dynamics working in your favour (which I’ll explain and demonstrate, in-parts, how to do on the videos) the whole group program thing becomes a RELAXED and FUN experience for both you (the hypnotist) and the entire group at large.

By the way…

I will SHOW YOU a 5-step pattern for constructing a hypnotic journey you can repeat as many times as you like... even TO THE SAME GROUP.

And each time it will feel totally different to the group members.

And get this:

Because each group will give you the best “content” for their Hypnotic Journey – you can create the most powerful, “individualized” hypnotic journeys on the spot for them

With No Preparation
Work Required Of You

None whatsoever!

Remember – the group members will give you the “content” of the Hypnotic Journeys.

HOW do you get the group to give you the “content” for the Hypnotic Journey you can use to feed back to them?

You just need to watch the videos to see how simple it is!

By watching the videos you will also see:

And... in addition to all that training…

What It Feels Like To Go Through A

That because at the end of the videos I also deliver a short Hypnotic Journey.

So you can sit back, relax and let me guide you through the experience of being on the “receiving end” of a Hypnotic Journey. You’ll get to feel the trance and transformational effects of it yourself.

All in all, the videos will give you a MODEL and a PROCESS you can use for the rest of your life to...

Leverage your time (you can work with 10 to 20 people in an hour-and-a-half block of time doing group sessions).

Help people with your hypnosis abilities that wouldn’t be able to afford you otherwise.

Create a “safe” and comfortable environment for people to sample what you can do with hypnosis, and how it might help them in their lives.

And, of course...

Get paid (from the group enrollment charges) to create a demand and get client sign-ups for you one-on-one hypnosis services.

Bottom line:

Doing group programs (packages) “built around” Hypnotic Journeys is THE ideal way to generate a sustainable income from your hypnosis... PLUS it gives you a solid foundation for...

Filling A Private Practice With More
Lucrative One-On-One Clients... Without
Doing Any Overt Promotion

As such:

The videos are perhaps the best investment you could make if you want longevity as a viable hypnotist.

And consider this: until now...

The ONLY other people to have seen the training on the Hypnotic Journeys videos are those who were in Las Vegas with me recently. They had to pay their own travel and hotel accommodation expenses PLUS pay to attend the event of course.

However – if I hear from you today (right NOW), I’ll let you have the “Hypnotic Journeys” videos for ONLY $149 $77.

That’s a very small investment in your hypnosis future – considering you will have a THE ideal way to forever generate a sustainable income from your hypnosis.

Naturally, you are also covered by our...


     Get the videos. Watch them. Watch them as many times as you like. And if you are not impressed with the model and process you see outlined (or anything else about the training), just let us know within the 60-day guarantee period and you’ll get a prompt and full refund.

No explaining to do on your part, either.

So if you want access to this training before the special introductory pricing ends – you really do have to take action now by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below:

New Training - Get Started Today!

Hypnotic Journeys: How To Run Dynamic Group Hypnosis Sessions To Build Your Hypnotherapy Practice Fast


I'm excited to get access to the secrets of hypnotic journeys and how to run them in group sessions to build any hypnosis practice without hardcore promotion.

I understand:

I will get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire training that is split into 6 hypnosis training videos

The videos will be available to me in the exclusive member's area where I can watch them online or download to my computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Plus I'll also get FULL Transcripts of the videos as well.

My investment is $149 today only $77

And I will also receive a 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well. If I'm not happy with these videos I can get a full refund.

Hypnotic Journeys Group Hypnosis  
On that basis, I'm clicking the "Add-To-Cart" button below now so I can get INSTANT ACCESS to these videos...

$149 Today Just $77

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PS. Another benefit of doing Hypnotic Journeys in a group setting is you can record an audio of yourself delivering the Hypnotic Journey and then give away (or sell) the audio recording of the Hypnotic Journey to people who cannot attend the live group meetings.

$149 Today Just $77

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PPS. Oh and one last thing: Whenever you’re at a social gathering and somebody asks “What do you do?” – here’s a tip:

Invite them along as a free guest to one of your group sessions.

It’s no skin off your nose; the group will already have paid for itself – and, you never know, the free guest may love the Hypnotic Journey experience so much they may either pay to attend all the rest of the weekly group sessions and/or approach you about having a private one-or-one hypnosis session.

A total win-win for both of you!

$149 Today Just $77

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